Who we are:

Slim Foods Online stocks a variety of low calorie, organic and low sugar products that are perfect for people who are slimming, dieting, vegan, vegetarian or suffer with diabetes. We also have products for people who are coeliac, gluten intolerant, or simply looking for a ‘clean’ eating way of life.Currently, our products consist of Syrups, Sauces, baking mixes, pasta, noodles, rice and sports nutrition products such as protein snacks and low sugar energy drinks. Slim Foods Online is under the umbrella of Anmatto Wholesalers Ltd, which has been active in the wholesale sector for the last 30 years.


Our Awards:

SLIM products have received many awards from the original manufactures, such as Forbes Product of the year 2016 & The Healthy Awards 2016 for Highly Recommended Product. In Cyprus SLIM received 3 awards at the Cyprus Wellness Awards 2020:


  1. Light Product of the Year (Χρυσό),

  2. Organic Product of the Year (Αργυρό),

  3. Health Product of the Year (Χάλκινο).


Our Goal:

''Our goal is to promote health within our community''.

We believe that our community is becoming more sustainable and ethical and in turn trying to be a healthier one. People are looking for guilt-free, organic and free-from products, which is why at Slim Foods ''Our goal is to promote health within our community''.

Our products are differentiated into several categories. We have products that are suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, Diabetics, for people who follow the Ketogenic Diet, Gluten free products and protein for sports enthusiasts.