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Bubble Tea at Home!

Make the most summer refreshing Bubble Tea drink with only 76 calories! Buy all the necessary Bubble Juice ingredients and get ready to create the most delicious treat together! What you will need:

  • 35ml Bubble Juice

  • Tea from Slim Foods of your choice

  • 1 scoop Popping Boba

  • Ice cubes

  • Glass

  • Thick straw


  • Place the tea in hot water and stir.

  • In a shaker add 35ml Bubble Juice, ice cubes, and tea

  • Mix well in the shaker

  • In a glass add a scoop Popping Bobba and other ice cubes

  • Then add the mixed mixture of Juice and tea to the glass!

  • Seal well, add a thick straw and enjoy!

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