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Fun, Healthy Unicorn Ice Lollies Recipe

Add some shimmer and sparkle into your life with these candyfloss flavoured lollies! They make a tasty post-workout snack or afternoon pick-me-up to power you through the rest of the day. Our syrups and flavour drops contain no sugar or fat and are dairy and gluten-free – making them the ideal addition to any meal or snack.


  • Skinny Food Unicorn Syrup

  • 0% fat Greek yoghurt

  • 1 scoop of strawberry protein powder (optional)

  • Chopped strawberries

Method to create Unicorn Ice Lollies:

  • Begin by coating the inside of your lolly moulds with our Unicorn syrup and freezing until solid.

  • Once frozen add Greek yoghurt, protein powder and chopped strawberries into a bowl and mix until completely combined.

  • Remove the moulds from the freezer before filling with the strawberry mixture and re-freezing for a couple of hours!


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