National Baking Day

Celebrating World Baking Day!

The smell of good food or a delicious dessert, creates experiences, memories, and unlimited moments of enjoyment!

So on, May 17, World Baking Day was established, spreading joy to everyone - whether you can bake or not!

Why do we celebrate World Baking Day?

This Day aims to show people how much fun it is to make a cake or a few cookies with the ultimate goal of spending a little more time with our family and friends. Not to mention how fun and enjoyable it is to try what you have created!

History of World Baking Day:

Evidence shows that World Baking Day has been celebrated for centuries and has been around for over 14,000 years, proving that we just can't live without it!

History tells us that the first bakers were found in Jordan who made bread, which was then wrapped around meat - probably where the first-ever sandwich was made. During Roman times, the birth of an artisan baker was found. The Romans were rewarded as pastry chefs and discovered new baked goods.

The delicious cakes we eat today began to appear in the Middle Ages in the United Kingdom and were intended for the upper echelons of society.

How can we celebrate World Baking Day?