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New Eraser Daddy 10x is a new kind of water-activated melamine eraser. It spot cleans marks and scuffs around your home just like a traditional eraser, without wearing like one! This dual-sided wonder features an exclusive tri-composite eraser material that lasts ten times longer than regular melamine. It’s durable enough to be used time and time again. The backing and blend of FlexTexture add scrubbing power to help keep clean-up quick.

Fed up with magic erasers that tear apart on your first use? We are too! That’s why we created our own. But we made one that lasts 10x longer and is 10x stronger than any other. How? By designing a brand-new type of melamine that is packed with FlexTexture scrubbing gems. It’s a new kind of magic eraser.

Walls shouldn’t tell more stories than the photos hanging on them. Thankfully, 10x makes it easy to undo the small signs of everyday wear like scuffs marks and even some not-so-small ones. Use 10x in areas residue tends to reside around the bathroom to reveal a brilliantly bright clean on tile, porcelain, glass and laminate.

Eraser Daddy 10x Features

  • Water-activated
  • Backed with texture changing FlexTexture
  • Packed with scrubbing gems
  • 10x stronger and lasts 10x longer than any others
  • A new type of melamine

Colour packs vary between yellow, orange, green and blue.

Eraser Daddy 10 x Twin Pack

5,59 €Τιμή
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