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Magnesium is available today in numerous different types. Think of magnesium tablets, magnesium pills or even magnesium oil. But as a fanatical athlete you want to be sure that you get the highest possible quality. Then the Magnesium Citrate of XXL Nutrition is ideal. These high-dose tablets contain no less than 200 mg each so you can easily get the right amount. Because only citrate is used, the tablets are quickly absorbed by the body. Our body uses magnesium for the formation of bones and muscles, so for anyone who has a healthy and active lifestyle, the use of Magnesium Citrate is recommended.


  • The purest form of Magnesium
  • High dosage
  • Outstanding price-quality ratio

Magnesium Citrate - 100 tabs

  • Magnesium is a nutrient that is also found in our basic diet, and is therefore not on the doping list. Magnesium can be found in cereals, vegetables, milk products, nuts and meat. However, to get the required amount from the basic diet requires a very balanced diet. Therefore, a supplement offers a solution. Magnesium is not only good for the functioning of muscles, building (body) protein and maintaining strong bones, it is also good for concentration.

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