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  • High-dosed in the perfect ratio for any athlete
  • 1 tablet a day
  • The best value for money you can find
  • Less than 14p per serving
  • Enough for 4 months

Multivit Vitamins & Minerals - 120tabs

17,95 €Τιμή
  • MultiVit

    A balanced diet lays the groundwork for a healthy and fit lifestyle. It is essential to get enough protein, carbohydrates and fat, otherwise called macronutrients. However, micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are just as important, even though they don’t always get the attention they deserve. Someone on a healthy diet often hits their recommended daily intake of both macro and micronutrients, however, this isn’t usually the case for athletes. A supplement can offer a solution, allowing athletes and gym fanatics to get the nutrients they need. That is why XXL Nutrition introduced MultiVit, which contains all necessary vitamins and minerals in a single high dose. Getting enough micronutrients has never been easier!

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