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Ultra-pure fish oil with 26% EPA and 17% DHA

  • Extremely high EPA (26%) and DHA (17%) content
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Contains vitamin E (from a natural source) to prevent oxidation

Omega 3 - 100 soft gels

  • Everyone knows our normal omega 3 fish oil, but have you already been introduced to our Omega 3 Ultra Pure? The well-known essential omega 3 fatty acids, now in even purer form! Omega 3 has numerous benefits for the optimal functioning of our body, including good for the heart, so it is very important that it is included in the daily diet. Athletes have a higher omega 3 requirement, and to easily meet this requirement, the Omega 3 Ultra Pure capsules offer a solution. Just one capsule once or twice a day and you are sure to provide your body with the necessary omega 3 fatty acids.

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