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Control your scrubbing power.

Scrub Daddy is soft, compressible, and more absorbent in warm water. In cold water he’s firm and can remove stubborn debris without the need for added harsh chemicals.

Scratch-free Zone

Safe scrubbing on over a dozen different household surfaces including:
glass, non-stick coatings, granite, ceramic, wood and stainless steel.
We’ve done the testing so you don’t have to.

He smells as good as he looks

Food particles rinse away with a few squeezes under warm running water.
Flextexture® dries within an hour so it won’t mold and is independently lab tested
to not hold odours or up to 8 weeks.

360 degree scrubbing

Scrub Daddy’s eyes hold onto you, so you’ll never run into a hard-to-reach place again.
His circular shape lets you clean the sides and bottom of containers at the same time.

Scrub Daddy Original

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