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Her FlexTexture® Side

becomes firm in cold water to deliver added scrubbing power. In warm water it softens, becoming better suited for light cleaning jobs.

Her ResoFoam® Side

is 6x more absorbent than the leading brand, produces 60% more soap suds, in addition to being odor and stain-resistant.

Scratch-free scrubbing

on over a dozen different household surfaces including non-stick, crystal, granite, travertine, and oil-rubbed bronze.

More than a happy face

Scrub Mommy’s shape is ergonomic and fully functional. Use her eyes to clean 360 degrees and reach the bottom of tall glasses, coffee pots, and saucepans.

Her smile

cleans both sides of utensils in one easy motion.

Scrub Mommy

4,49 €Τιμή
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