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🌷 Spring has sprung and so have the Special Edition shapes

  • Brand new for Spring 2024!
  • Scrub, Flip ‘n’ Wipe using Scrub Mommy’s dual-sided action.
  • FlexTexture side changes texture based on your water temperature.
  • Firm in cold water and soft in warm water.
  • ResoFoam sponge side is super suds-generating and always stays soft.
  • Scratch resistant on over 20 household surfaces*

Special Edition Scrub Mommy Butterfly

  • Introducing our limited edition Scrub Mommy Butterfly! 🦋 Step up your spring cleaning with FlexTexture and ResoFoam power. Get tough on dirt with cold water, or opt for a softer touch with warm water. Bring a fresh spring feel to your cleaning routine!

  • 🌻Dual-sided design for maximum cleaning power

    🌻6x more absorbent than the leading brand

    🌻Generates rich lather with less soap

    🌻Finger-hugging design for precise cleaning

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